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Beautiful surfer and actress, Vania Torres, He opened the doors of his privacy to tell us How happy she is to be a part of the soap opera ‘Pertoneme’ where she plays the role of boxer ‘Ivana’.Or how she gets along with famous ‘Gringo Mike’ actor Joaquin D’Arbegoso, who is 17 years her senior.

Vania, how do you feel about being a part of the novel ‘Pertoneme’?

Happily, I have never been with a major cast and such professional people. You feel good vibes. I have a small role in it ‘Neighborhood Council’ and ‘Excuse Me‘This is the opportunity I have been waiting for.

We saw that you were very affectionate with the actor on social networks Joaquin de Arbegoso…

Yes, we have been together for more than three years and we post photos on social networks from time to time because we like to keep our life private. We are happy like this, he is a proper, respectful guy, likes carpentry, takes care of his things, that’s very important to me.

And how did they meet?

The love of the sea brought us together, he runs the boards well and we always compete with each other.

Vania Torres says their passion for surfing brought them together. (Photo: Spread)

Do they live together?

I’m still in a growing phase in my life, I’m moving alone, little by little, we’re not in a rush for anything. We are relieved.

And not pressured by asking ‘when is the wedding’?

Well, those who know me know that I am not very conventional. I have no plans to get married, it’s not a goal in my life, but cohabitation would be great.

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Is Joaquin a retailer?

Yes, he is always very attentive to me. I don’t like flowers much, but I have a bench on the terrace in my house, the shelves in my house are made by him, and he does a lot of things with designs. He surprises me with food, I like food, chocolate.

what is your age

27 years.

And Joaquin, 44, don’t you have problems because of the age difference?

No, there is no problem on that side. We have a lot of stability.

Are they going to a party?

No, very little, only when there is something to celebrate. We like to go jogging, eat out or watch a movie.

Have you been yelled at?Late Gringo‘When do they walk?

All the while, his character’Mike (Miller)’ (there’s room in the back) He breaks it down, and he does it well. It doesn’t bother me, being an actress myself, I understand everything.

And ‘If You Get a Kiss Scene’Forgive me’, Is he jealous?

No, never, he is a very professional actor. He also has (kissing) scenes, and that’s part of it… everything is very spoken and we feel comfortable.

Should you star in a production with an ex?

not at all.

Forgive me

That was widely questioned Erika Villalobos and Aldo Miyashiro Working together…

It’s a great merit to handle it the way they do, and they get along so well.

And what will your character ‘Ivana’ look like?

She is a girl from a district Saccharilla or Miraflores And he likes boxing a lot but his parents are against it because they think it is a sport only for men. She breaks everything and comes to the gym, a neighbor she meets ‘Lito Costa’ (Alto Miyashiro) He has two love stories, but I don’t have 100% information yet.

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Aalto stars Vania Torres as the boxer ‘Ivana’ and Erika in the telenovela ‘Pertoneme’. (Photo: GEC/ César Bueno)

Do you recognize ‘Ivana’ as a surfing champion?

He is a character very close to my heart because he wants to be the best at his sport and as a professional athlete, I understand that sentiment.

Do you know how to box?

We are given a coach who gives us ‘m’.

At what point did you discover your passion for acting?

I have been fond of acting since my school days. I had several conversations with my mother because I wanted to pursue a degree in university. The sport has been with me since I was nine years old and I competed in world championships, all kinds of championships.

Do you have a third career?

Yes, I graduated in International Business and Management. And last year I completed an acting degree at a workshop. I’m just focused on growing my career, but I’m not putting sports aside because I can incorporate that. At the end of the month I go to the 2023 Pan American Games in Chile, I qualified in January and we are in sight of a medal.

What would you like to say to your followers?

Now I have more fans in the sports industry, but I want to tell everyone that the novel is powerful. This week my character is coming out really strong and it’s a story you never imagined.

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