Peruvians wishing to enter Mexico will need a visa: when does it apply?

AMLO's government reintroduced the visa requirement for all Peruvians. Photo: Infobae composite

He Government of MexicoBy Home Secretary, officializes the requirement of a visa for Peruvian citizens wishing to enter Mexican territory for tourism or any other non-remunerated activity. By releasing the standard, an advantage the guys have enjoyed for more than 10 years ends.

“Pending the entry into force of this agreement, nationals of the Republic of Peru who wish to enter the national territory with the condition of staying as a visitor without permission to carry out paid activities must apply for a visa at the Mexican consular officer,” reads the agreement published last Friday, April 5, in the official gazette of the federation.

Since 2012, Peruvians wishing to enter Mexico They can stay in the territory for up to 180 days to do tourism or some other unpaid activity. This is no longer possible during government published contracts Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The document directs the Foreign Ministry to develop “joint actions” with Peru Govt These are the conditions Mexico is seeking to assess “in due course” the lifting of the visa requirement for Peruvian citizens, which “guarantees safe, orderly and regular migration flows.”

Agreement Regulating Visa Requirement for Peruvians

The first transitional provision of the agreement establishes that Peruvians will require a visa “15 calendar days after publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation.” That is, from Saturday 20 April.

In this way, this benefit is implemented during the government of Mexican President Felipe Calderón (2006-2012). On November 9, 2012, Mexico's then-Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Patricia Espinosa Cantellano, announced the elimination of the visa requirement for Colombians and Peruvians in order to promote integration between the mentioned countries within the framework of the Pacific Alliance.

At present, diplomatic relations between Mexico Y Peru They are nervous because of the conflict between the leaders Andrés Manuel López Obrador Y In Boluarte. The Peruvian government expelled the Mexican ambassador Pablo Monroy And withdrew his messenger Manuel Talavera.

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The conflict between the heads of state began with the failed coup of the former president Pedro Castillo And Boluarte was accepted as president by constitutional succession.

Amlo He continues to show his support Castillo TerronesWhose family is sheltered Mexico. He also attacked Polwarte, calling her a “bad president”. These differences also blocked the granting of a temporary presidency Pacific Alliance In 2023.

According to the provisions of the published agreement, a “significant increase” of Peruvians entering Mexican territory without a visa to carry out activities other than tourism was detected.

“Part of this situation is reflected in the immigration filters, whose profile does not match the profile of the real visitor or tourist and there are discrepancies in their documents or information, which reinforces the possibility that a significant number of people will use the elimination . . visa irregular”, the document stated.

According to the reform organization, between 2021 and 2023, approximately 144,000 Peruvians who tried to cross the border illegally into the United States were detained, and 35,833 were unable to enter the country due to inconsistencies. While justifying their journey, 7 thousand 53 people appeared before National Agency for Migration (INM) does not prove that you are a legal resident

  • “Tourist” visa for stays of less than 180 days For tourism or business without receiving any remuneration. This includes if you are only passing through Mexico.
  • Visa by invitation for stays of less than 180 days At the invitation of a company or organization, without receiving any remuneration.
  • Study Visa In a Mexican educational institution, less than 180 days, without receiving any pay.
  • Visa for Ministers of Worship or Missionaries To carry out protected activities by a religious organization duly registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Temporary residence visa due to employment To work with an employer in Mexico who has already processed your work permit at the National Immigration Agency.
  • Student Temporary Residence Visa Study in a Mexican educational institution for no more than 180 days.
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