Sergio Pena Case: Swedish Prosecutor’s Office Requests Peruvian Jail for Driving While Drunk and Without a License

The Swedish prosecutor’s office demanded jail time for Sergio Pena for drunk driving, and this is how the Peruvian responded.

Sergio Pena He is going through a tough time. That is the current footballer Malmö He appeared in court Sweden After being arrested last April for driving under the influence and driving without a driver’s license.

Former player Lima Alliance He finished training for his club yesterday morning and immediately went to the Malmö District Courtroom, where he presented his case with the help of an interpreter and accompanied by his lawyer.

“Obviously I made a mistake. A mistake I regret. This is the first time this has happened to me, he admitted to serious drink driving but not illegal driving”, were the first words. ‘Incaic’.

During the session, ‘girl’ He told the details of the day he committed the crime. “I had dinner with a friend from Denmark. I drank four or five glasses of wine for five or six hours”. As he was driving at a normal speed (40 km/h), he was surprised to be stopped.

Also, he received tough questions from the lawyer. “The lawyer asked what was the idea of ​​taking the car, drinking alcohol and getting back into the car?”. He replied as follows: I repeat that I do not feel drunk. But I also know it’s wrong to not allow it.

How did you come up with the idea when you knew it was illegal?”, is another question from the lawyer. “I wasn’t thinking the right way at the time. The only thing in my head was that I could drive. It happened for the first time,” he replied.

Swedish media outlet Sport Bladet reported this from the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office as the punishment for Sergio Pena.

The Swedish public prosecutor concluded the meeting, Sergio Pena should be jailed for drunk driving and illegal drivingMalmö Flyer’s attorney appealed that he be sentenced to probation and 50 hours of community service on the following grounds:

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According to the Peruvian team member’s defense, Because he held a Peruvian driver’s license, he should be cleared of driving illegallyUsed by him in various European countries, I didn’t know I had to apply to someone from Sweden After living for a long time.

Likewise, he put on the table that Sergio Pena had a month’s salary withheld and if he went to jail, he would be suspended by Malmo. “He is not a criminal, he is not in a Swedish prison,” the lawyer said.

The 27-year-old sent a strong message by admitting his mistake and vowing not to do it again: “I have been severely punished. My face has appeared in the media in both Sweden and Peru”.

Sergio Pena has scored 3 goals in 31 appearances for Peru. (Getty Images)

After hearing your plea and your attorney’s, the judge will determine your parole, which may include going to jail. This new test is scheduled on June 14 this year.

Niklas Carlnen, Malmo’s chief executive, Sergio Pena, spoke to Football Channel about the problem facing him. “Until then (the date of the retrial), I have no comment. But let’s wait for the facts. After that we will discuss where we are.”

A member of the Swedish Club confirmed it ‘girl’ He continued to play and highlighted his behavior off the pitch. “As he said before, he regrets what happened. But since then he has become very specialized in his work”.

Sergio Pena played 74 minutes in Malmö’s loss against Dekerfors IF for the Swedish championship.

While Peruvian clearance is limited, his club Malmö measured with Degerfors IF The date of the Swedish first division is 11. The match will be played on Monday, June 5 at 12:10 pm at the Eleda stadium.

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