The crisis in the relationship between Marcelo Dinelli and Milet Figueroa: “She was upset because they didn't take her to Madrid,” they say in LAM

Crisis in the relationship between Marcelo Tinelli and Milett Figueroa: “She was upset because they didn't take her to Madrid” | they

Marcelo Dinelli He celebrated his 64th birthday in Spain with his children and his first cousin 'El Tirri'. Surprisingly, the presenter left his native Argentina and flew to Madrid to meet his descendants, which caused more than one confusion, since he usually celebrates his New Year life with his family in his country.

Even your partner Milet Figueroa He arrived in Peru a few days ago and said he would return to the Albiceleste country on March 31 to celebrate his loved one's birthday, but plans changed at the last minute. As a result, many wondered what would happen to Figuera after the driver showed the plane he was on.

Hours passed and the Peruvian model posted only a greeting on her Instagram stories, saying that they will soon meet each other and that she hopes to have a good time with her children. In this regard, in the program LAM of Argentina, The speculation began.

host Yanina Ladorre He mentioned that it was very strange that Millet did not travel with his loved one when he had the opportunity to buy a plane ticket. “If he loved her so much, he would give her a ticket from Peru. He did a reality show with him in January,” he initially said.

He then explained that the couple would have had a rift in their marriage. Candelaria tinelli Everything will go wrong from there. “Even if he refuses, On Marcelo's daughter's wedding day, there was a breakdown, Not sure if he fell asleep early because he slept with Lolo, she doesn't like that, and if they argue the next day, they all agree that there's no commotion again since the day they got married, not ever. Nothing again. “Nobody saw the fight, and if you ask him, he says he has dementia,” the presenter said.

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Finally, he hinted that the model was angry with his partner for not taking the host's entourage on his trip to Mexico recently, and apparently, things would have gotten worse because of this new flight.

Marcelo Tinelli explains why he went to Spain without Milett Figueroa.

“What is known now in Marcelo's environment is that she is angry because he went to Mexico and he didn't take her, and now she will be even more angry because he went to Madrid with the children. The truth is, there is no resonance with the two daughters,” he concluded the matter.

On March 31, in a post on his social networkss, Dinelli He revealed he had left for Europe, with Spain as his final destination, where he would celebrate his 64th birthday with his children, without mentioning his girlfriend in the message.

Arriving in Spain, he finds himself entertaining the country with his first cousin, Tri, who attends his birthday celebration. In an unexpected twist, Milet Figueroa, Through a story on Instagram, he announced his stay in Peru, declining an offer to join the celebration and hinting that his stay in Peru would be extended, despite plans to return to Argentina.

Tinelli's surroundings and Figueroa's absence attracted the attention of the Argentine television show “El Run Run del Espectaculo”. Marcela Fudale, One of the presenters and a close friend of Dinelli was able to speak directly with him. In this conversation, Tinelli clarified the reasons for his sudden trip to Spain and why Figueroa did not participate in the trip.

Marcelo Tinelli explains why he went to Spain without Milett Figueroa.

During a WhatsApp conversation, Dinelli revealed: “I'm on a flight to Madrid. Amazon takes me I celebrated my birthday with some kids for the reality show 'Los Dinelli'. Then I go back to Argentina and obviously I continue in America. Therefore, Dinelli justified his trip as an opportunity linked to a television project and expected to return to Argentina, where he is expected to resume his work activities and reunite with his partner.

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