The first conferences on the circular economy were born in Córdoba

The circular economy is increasingly spreading across economic sectors and consumer groups. This model seeks maximum resource efficiency, the concept of production and marketing systems, and a positive end to the product life cycle. Achieving this system requires a shift from the “buy, use and throw away” paradigm to one that focuses on reuse and recycling.

Every day, a large number of companies, organizations and professionals join this new system, an irreversible trend that will probably reach all consumers. This transformation involves a wide variety of products and services that will radically change the way production and consumption are done.

It is in this context Cardopolis Organizes the first edition of the Circular Economy Conference in Cordoba. The event seeks to encourage and promote the adoption of sustainable practices in all sectors of the economy, and encourage the necessary change towards a sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

Next Friday, June 21, the Córdoba Visitor Reception Center will host these first days with the title Together, towards a round future. Sponsored by the City Council of Córdoba, Sadeco and the University of Curdoba, in collaboration with Cunext Cooper, Embacor and Revelociona, the cycle will start at 9:30.

Mayor José María Bellito opens the event with the participation of experts such as Lola de Toro Jordano and Macario Rodríguez Entrena. The conference included roundtables on the impact of the circular economy in Córdoba, presenting innovative projects such as Recycling 5.0 by Sadeco and using reclaimed water by Emacsa.

As companies, institutions and professionals increasingly adopt this sustainable model, the event seeks to integrate the circular economy as a common practice in the city, changing the way products and services are produced and consumed.

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