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Former footballer Charlene Castro indicated that she was not Peruvian, however, it was confirmed that she was born in Tambopata province.

That conference Luis ‘Gudo’ Guadalupe He offered to reign in his partner Charlene Castro’s ‘Ambe’, giving people something to talk about regularly, and ex-footballer Magali Medina has disowned him after he pointed out that the mother of his last child was a foreigner. .

Meera: Charlene Castro and her burst notes in ‘Guto’ before ‘Ambe’

In his latest broadcast of “Magali TV: La Firme”, “Urraca” revealed the real nationality of the former partner of the “La Fe del Guto” driver and surprised more than one person.

Charlene Castro is Peruvian, from the Madre de Dios region, Tambopata, according to the Renick file she aired on her entertainment show.

He tried to make his wife (…) a scapegoat so don’t tell her she is alone in Peru her whole family is abroad”, the redhead asked.

What did ‘Kudo’ Guadalupe say?

In statements to Trome, the former player asked for respect for Charlene Castro and said she did not feel competent to judge him after he was caught leaving a hotel with a man identified as Luis Dicona.

Meera: Karina Rivera assures that she is happy with her daughter’s pregnancy and loves her son-in-law very much

She is not here, she is from abroad. He has no family here, she’s the mother of my son, and I’m going to support her because even though our relationship doesn’t last, I want my kids to be okay, and above all the things she might feel as a human being, there’s that peace of mind. You need to have a cool head to make the best decisions. It helps things happen, because everything happens, nothing lasts forever, and life goes on.”The former player maintained.

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