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Don’t believe it! In the last episode of “La Casa de Magaly,” Vanessa Lopez made a revelation that surprised her colleagues and viewers. Compared to Jean Desa With Lionel Messi.

Drome|Vanessa Lopez Reveals Why Jean Dated Tessa

In his conversation with Gabriela Serba, Shirley Serras and Samahara Lopatone, the ex-partner of Tomate Barraza talked about his most controversial romance. In that regard, he mentioned something that caused more than one laugh.

Vanessa Lopez was with Jean Desa because she thought he looked like Messi

In fact, Vanessa Lopez revealed the real reason she was with Jean Desa and told her fellow reality show partners that she thought the Peruvian footballer would shine as Lionel Messi.

Then, they could not bear the laughter and reprimanded him for having intercourse with him.

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Domate Barraza defends her Venezuelan singer after Vanessa Lopez attack: “That’s not my boyfriend”

He bares his chest for her! Parrassa tomatoes He decided to break the silence After Vanessa Lopez claimed that Ingrid Mijares, the former singer of her band, was involved in their relationship.

Once again, the mother of my second daughter attacks Ms. Ingrid Mijares as her girlfriendIt calls into question the Christianity she has been preaching for years. Never been my girlfriend. If there is an attitude, he should return to the band.The artist noted.

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